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Fostering LGBTQ+ Acceptance in Bolingbrook and the Surrounding Suburbs

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The lives of young LGBTQ+ people and their families are especially important to us, as we know this can be such an important time in forming your identities, as well as a difficult time  for peer bullying, family conflict, and mental health struggles. We want to hear what you need, and are here to listen!

  • What do local LGBTQ+ teens need help with?

  • What social activities do you want us to organize for local LGBTQ+ youth?

  • What resources do you need in the community?

Please take a moment and share your current concerns and needs, and your ideas and hopes for the future.  We want to make sure you feel safe, know you are loved, have a real voice. Eventually, we would love to have teen-led, adult supported initiatives, activities, and even a teen Board of Directors. We can work together to shape this community into what you want and need if we get your input.

All identifiable information is optional on the following form except age to provide that safe space for sharing. However, if you'd like a personal role in our organization or want to discuss your thoughts or needs further, please provide us with a way to contact you.

Your generation is changing the world. Thank you so much!!!

Thanks for submitting!

We should indeed keep calm in the face of difference, and live our lives in a state of inclusion and wonder at the diversity of humanity.


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