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Allaina Humphreys' LGBTQ+ Youth Trailblazer Scholarship

The Allaina Humphreys' LGBTQ+ Youth Trailblazer Scholarship was created to provide an inspiring LGBTQ+ youth who has demonstrated initiative to better their community financial support as they pursue a degree from a technical/vocational program, accredited college, or university.


This year we are awarding $500 to several individuals
who meet the requirements and criteria.


Allaina Humphreys is the epitome of honor. As a founding member of Bolingbrook Pride, she has dedicated herself to her community to create a better world. She is Vice-Chair of Bolingbrook Pride, a founding member of Will County Pride Coalition, an Accessible Community Task Force member, Chair of Abilities Alliance of Northern Illinois, and a Member of the Bolingbrook Arts Council. She will give every ounce of herself, pushing herself to the late hours of the night. Allaina is a genuine person through and through, and those around her hold her in the highest regard. Her commitment to advancing the non-profits she is involved in, the size of her heart, her willingness to assist anyone, and her passion for overall equality inspired us to name this scholarship after her. 


This Scholarship is available to any student who will graduate in 2022, who identifies as LGBTQ+, and lives in Bolingbrook or Romeoville, or attends a school in either town. Applicants must demonstrate past leadership and continued community involvement. We are so proud of the youth of today and want to reward those who work to make a difference.


Applicants must also provide their official high school transcript showing a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or above and proof of admission to an accredited college, university, or vocational school. 

Requirements for submission:

  1. Submit an approximately 500 word essay describing your goal for improving the acceptance of LGBTQ+ people in your community. 

  2. Provide two (2) letters of recommendation from non-family on why you are deserving of this Scholarship (one can be from another student). 

  3. Provide a detailed list of any school or community involvement during middle school and high school. Activities and leadership roles relating directly to the LGBTQ+ community will shine in the selection committee's eyes. Alternatively, you may provide a video describing your involvement or activism.

  4. Provide a copy of your high school transcript showing a 2.0 or higher GPA.

  5. Provide an admission letter to a secondary educational institution or trade school.

Entry deadline is April 1st

Awardees will be notified on April 15th.



We are looking for donors to help us fund this great program for LGBTQ+ youth. We have a concept we think benefits the youth, and honor you as well as Allaina Humphreys. We are accepting donations of any amount. Those wishing to donate a full scholarship will get the option of what school they want the Scholarship to go to, a special thank you on our website, and social media campaign, and recognition at Scholarship Award Presentation at the 2021 Pride Picnic. The Scholarship will also read as follows: Allaina Humphreys' LGBTQ+ Youth Trailblazers Scholarship Donated By (Insert Your Name Here). If you are interested in donating a scholarship, please reach out to Josh at 708-752-5949 or

Currently, we wish to thank:

John Noak
Full funding for a scholarship for a Romeoville High School student

Roger C Claar
Full funding for a scholarship for a Bolingbrook High School student

​Joe Giamanco & Jennifer E. Gabrenya Noak
Each donated half towards a scholarship for a non-public-school student

Allaina Humphreys
Full funding for a scholarship raised through a fundraising drive

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